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Discover and book dog grooming, veterinary, pet boarding, pet sitting, and dog walking appointments through Petgud mobile app. It’s easy and FREE.


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For Pet care providers

Add Your business to Petgud mobile platform for FREE.

Reach new pet parents, increase paw traffic and loyalty, fill unused appointments when you provide same day appointments for fur buddies. We’ll show you how to do it.

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Happy Paws. Happy people

Grow your pet care business, delight fur buddies and boost your reputation by delivery pawsomeness.

Petgud platform revolutionizes delivering convenient pet care.

Here’s how we help pet care businesses

Attract more paw traffic

Your branded mobile scheduling page turns more traffic into pet care visits. Send auto notifications to pet parents for upcoming appointments, reduce no-shows and manage post-visit follow up

Deliver pawsomeness

Delight the fur buddies with your excellent service and make them keep coming to you by booking on the Petgud app with just two taps on the app.

Make the tails wag for you

Collect valuable feedback from pet parents, broadcast positive reviews and increase your pet care business’ online ratings to make a positive impression on new pet parents and make their fur buddies’ tails wag for you.

Why Petgud

Petgud is on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of pets by re-imagining the pet care industry through:

  • Providing a digital marketplace platform to pet parents to connect with pet care service professionals for pet care needs

  • Providing a digital platform to pet care professionals, that is intelligent, analytic and data driven to advertise, market their business and run their daily operations, so they can focus more on their core business and less on figuring how to do business.

  • Happy Pets leads to Happy lives. Treat your pet good with Petgud.


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